Lest We Forget

April 25th marks ANZAC Day in Australia and New Zealand. Annually, we commemorate the sacrifices made by the women, men, and animals that helped served our great nation. Also, we acknowledge that current service men and women who continue to keep us safe. This morning, at 4am, my alarm startled me into reality. With a … More Lest We Forget

I’ve decided to…

Vlog. Yep, I don’t really know why either… haha Ultimately, I want to document my life; travel, where I live etc. it definitely won’t be an every day kind of thing, rather a “oh hey I am doing something fun, I want to record this”. So for all those who are interested, check out my … More I’ve decided to…

Summers in Geelong

Geelong has that city by the beach feel… ya know? It’s big enough to have everything you want, plus it is graced with bay views. As the days (and nights) get warmer, I love to hang out along the waterfront, soaking up the vibe (and getting sunburnt.. oops). The waterfront is filled with so many … More Summers in Geelong

Waterfalls, Part 1

Sheoak Falls Great Ocean Rd, Lorne VIC 3232, Australia Possible the most gentle of the walks for these waterfalls, Sheoak Falls is tucked away just outside of Lorne. When the river is low enough, you can walk around to where the fall meets the rocks.   Hopetoun Falls Beech Forest VIC 3237, Australia Stairs… so … More Waterfalls, Part 1