WIMB – Whitsundays Edition

For those who follow me on social media, you will know that jetsetted (a little while ago now) to the Whitsunday’s for a little get away. In Australia (especially Victoria), we are shivering our way through winter. So this northern QLD getaway is a very welcome defrost.

So, in the spirit of packing, I thought I would share with you what I packed*.

First things first (I’m the realest [thanks Iggy]):

Bikini(s): I wore them every day! And when the weather is amazingly beautiful, why wouldn’t you. Make sure you pack them!

Towel: Make motels/hotels don’t appreciate you using their bath towels as beach towels, so make sure you pack your own. I like mine big enough to have a picnic on!

Tripod: No one likes a wonky or blurry shot. Hitch up your camera on the tripod for those beautiful sunset shots!

GoPro: Swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Whitsundays wouldn’t be complete without some amazing underwater shots. I have mine attached to a floaty, because I am not going to duck dive down to catch it.

Comfortable shoes: When the scenery is amazing, you want to be able to take it all in. Airlie Beach has many walking trails along the water that you can follow and take it all in.

Headphones: Melbourne to Proserpine airport is approx 3 hours. I packed some good headphones to drown out the sound, and listen to some bangers!

Camera and Lense: I never go anywhere without my Canon 70D. It’s truly amazing. You will want to capture some amazing memories, so why not avoid the cell phone pan face!

Sun Dress: While it’s mostly accepted to walk around in a bikini in Australia, it’s always nice to have a cover up. Who doesn’t love a cute floral sundress?

Suncream: If you’re like me and burn to a lovely shade of lobster, you will want to slather on the suncream. No one wants weird tan lines that take years to get rid of! Plus, Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. So don’t forget to Slip Slop Slap!

Bag: To carry your worldly possessions, and somewhere to stash all the shells you’ve collected!

Watch: Never lose track of time, especially if you have a jam packed adventure filled day ahead!


– Kate


*This is not everything that I packed, just the most important stuff!


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