Street Art of Geelong: Part 1

Geelong is fast becoming a suburb of Melbourne. I know, I hate my self for writing that too. But there is no denying that with the rapidly expanding boarders of Melbourne, it’s literally a hop, skip, and jump up the highway to be immersed in the big smoke.

To be honest, I love that Geelong is growing and shaping its identity to that of a younger, trendier, and more well rounded town. With the huge of expansion of the cafe scene around Geelong, so too comes the street scene (IMO).

Walking around the CDB, there is more and more street art on display. Not to mention, the once dreary alleys are becoming adorned with bright and colourful art work.

So without further ado, here is a mini tour of the Geelong street art scene.


Artist: Laura Alice. Location: John Street
 Location: Minns Lane
Artist: Cam Scale
Dennys Place


Shorts Plaza, Geelong


Minns Lane
Artist: Cam Scale. Location: Steam Packet Plaza

Side note; check out or search “Geelong Art and Culture Trails” in the app store for some more information on the art scene around Geelong.

I will endeavour to bring you Part 2 of the Geelong Street Art scene in the near future!



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