QVM Summer Night Market

This place is amazing!
Like, seriously. The vibe. The mix of cultures. The music. The sangria! Ugh, it’s literally everything that is right in the world.

I remember visiting the night market years and years ago with my auntie. Like, back in the day when Southern Cross was called Spencer Street… yeah, ages ago!
So, thanks to Facebook for being my source of notifications for entertainment, it was a definite to go and immerse myself in the atmosphere of Melbourne.

Imagine this: walking up the market, you can hear the chatter of thousands of voices. As you get closer, the aromas of all the amazing foods heightens your senses. The crowd thickens, and you follow the slip stream of people walking past the food stalls, deciding what is going to satisfy their cravings. And then suddenly your standing in front of the bar with a cider in your hand. Cheers!


1: Walk around and soak up the uplifting atmosphere

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Duck and weave through the crowd, admiring the arts and crafts, and gorgeous stalls. Fill your senses with the aromas of foods, blending into one amazing scent sure to make you salivate.

2. Grab a bite to eat

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Out of all the amazing food stalls, I settled for WONDERBAO. The pulled pork burger served with watercress salad and apple sauce, on a white sweet bun, which honestly I have no idea how they are made or what they are made of but it was tasty!

There are SO many food choices, no matter what you want to eat, you are bound to find it!

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And there is always room for dessert. Hello sangria and Nutella balls! TAKIS BALLS really know what they’re doing with Nutella!

3: Enjoy the outdoor vibes

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Soak up the atmosphere, and admire the Melbourne inner city skyline. The vibe outside is equally festive as indoors. As the nights get warmer, the outdoor area is going to be AMAZING!

4. Grab a drink, and enjoy the live music


MY ears were in love with the sounds being pumped out by That Gold Street Sound. They have that funkalicious groove that will capture anyone’s interest and make them want to shake what their mumma gave ’em!

Check out their socials below for a look into their lives!
Facebook Instagram
And don’t forget to watch them on Periscope!
The Summer Night Markets are open Wednesday nights, 5pm – 10pm, 16 Nov 2016 to 8 Mar 2017. There is plenty of time for you to check out this amazing event!

Have you ever been to the night markets? Where was your favourite spot to eat?









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