My Favourite Instagramers

I spend a lot of time scrolling Instagram, checking out new followers, and the ‘Explore’ section. There are some seriously talented people out there! The general theme of my Instagram feed is portrait, and landscape photography. However, with the glorious rise of drones, aerial photography is infiltrating my feed, and I AINT MAD!

So, if you are new to the world of Instagram, or need some new pages to follow, check these guys out!

Mr. Ben Brown: What can I say? I am a long term fan of this guy and everything he produces. His IG is filled with amazing shots and perfect lighting.

Bleeblu: aka Mark Harless is a wizard in the portraiture department. His ability to capture the female form is exceptional and I envy his ability. Not to mention his editing is on point!

Han In Van: travelling beauty Hannah’s IG is filled with beautiful landscapes, from outback Australia, to snowy Alaska. You will catch the travel bug just by scroller her ‘gram. Also, check out her YouTube!

Salty Wings: aerial photography at its best. Definitely gives you a new perspective on the world!

Wanderers Travel Co: as the name suggests, these guys are all about the wanderlust. Not to mention their handbags are a game changer!

Tim To The Wild: I don’t have many words to describe the vision that Tim has, but he is actually amazing. I could stare at his IG for hours. And his YouTube is next level amazing!

Kellan’s World: I love these photos, not to mention the continuity in the colour scheme through all the photos. So aesthetically pleasing!

Living It Rural: the moody, broody, natural theme to this IG is so damn good! I love it.

Benjamin Hardman: for all your Iceland wanderlust needs. This is hands down my fave Iceland themed IG. These images are so clean and Benjamin absolutely nails it.


Let me know who your fave IG’ers are and I’ll check them out!


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