Travel Inspiration

I stumbled upon a gold mine, and I had to share with you. Have you ever come across those travel guides that just don’t connect with you? Like they were written by someone who flew with Wikipaedia Airlines? Well look no further. TOWNSKE. Yeah, I’m not sure how to pronounce it either. This gold mine … More Travel Inspiration

The Great Ocean Road: It’s only the beginning

If youโ€™ve ever traveled the Great Ocean Road before, you would know three things about it: it’s epic seascape and bush views, it’s world renown beaches and surf culture, and the overwhelming sense of calm you feel when taking in the scenery. With a day away from the hospital, I took the opportunity to get … More The Great Ocean Road: It’s only the beginning

Risk Vs. Reward

“Life shrinks, and life expands in direct proportion to your willingness to assume risk” – Casey Neistat One of the scariest things in life is risk. For me, its the uncertainty of the payoff, if this decision will be a huge failure, what will I lose in the process?… The worry can go on for … More Risk Vs. Reward


  So, some of you may be wondering “What am I doing here?”, and the answer is “… I have no idea either”. See, I don’t even know what this blog is going to be about… all I know is, I want a place to share my thoughts, experiences, and photos with people who can … More Welcome